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new guy in the testosterone town

Precious Testosterone

Thanks to you I feel and look like a guy. You're one hell of a male hormone. I didn't realize how much you mean to me until I reach the puberty. That’s was the moment we became the best of friends. Thanks to you I got bigger muscles and a deeper voice. You made my bones thicker and most importantly – the size of my penis has increased, as well.

Thank you, my precious Testosterone, because you’ve made it possible for me to perform miracles in my bedroom.

So, where are you now, my precious Mr. Testosterone? Not so long ago, you were a synonym for an abundance. Now, when I’m 40 you aren’t like you used to be. My muscles and my libido miss you like never before.

I just can’t hate you enough of this guy Low-T!

My Precious Testosterone, we used to rock together before I hit 40. Then, you decided to visit me mush lesser than before. Now, I’m stuck with this new guy I don’t like at all. His name is Low T. I don’t like his friends neither:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Weak Libido
  • Muscles Mass Loss
  • Weaker Bones
  • Regular Depression
  • Small Testicles
  • Bigger Breasts

I hate this Mr. Lot T and I miss you, my precious Testosterone. My life isn’t like it used to be. One rumor has it that the testosterone level goes bellow 9-38nmol/L (270ng/Dl). If this is true, then I’m worried. I know that every man’s is unique. Yet, what’s going to happen to me, without you next by my side?

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