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How to Get Bigger Muscle Growth With TestRX

If you want bigger muscle growth, stop chasing fads. Put away that Bosu ball and stop doing those lunges super-setted with dumbbell curls (seriously, WTF is that?) Your goal is simple: to stimulate bigger muscle growth with progressive overload. Let’s clarify what that means before we go any further. You already know the basics of this concept, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. Muscle growth happens when you stress your muscles with some form of resistance. Your body responds with hypertrophy – increasing the cells in your muscle tissue, to meet that demand. TestRX is a natural testosterone booster. It’s designed to stimulate protein synthesis. With the latter being the foundation of muscle growth, it’s a useful tool to have if you feel you’ve hit a plateau. We’ll talk about how TestRX can help you build bigger muscles later in this article. For now, the important concept to remember is that muscles come from the foundations of progressive overload. That is key to a muscular body.

Why Progressive Overload is the Most Important Factor to Muscle Growth

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you. You’ve been training for 6 months and notice the gains are coming slower. You feel (justifiably) that it’s time to do something different. So rather than hitting up the old painful-but-reliable deadlifts bar, you saunter over to another corner and do one-legged kettle bell deadlifts on a BOSU ball.

Is it different? Yup – and muscle growth does indeed come from switching your routine up. But you’re going to have a very difficult time getting bigger muscles with this rather pointless exercise, and here’s why:

You have no balance.

You need mechanical tension for hypertrophy. You get that by lifting heavy weights. You are not going to get that on a BOSU ball, or with the many other niche-highly specialized movements that some people chase in the name of doing something different.

Progressive overload is the foundation of muscle growth. It’s that simple – you won’t grow your pipes without it. That means doing movements that allow you to ‘progressively’ increase the weights you lift. And that should keep you focused on the basic movements championed by powerlifters like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So ditch the BOSU ball and start thinking heavy. These 7 techniques for bigger muscle growth can help with that, and help you get out of that rut and back in the driver’s seat.

7 Techniques For Bigger Muscle Growth


Lift Heavier Weights (One Increment At a Time!) – You’d be surprised how often body builders neglect this basic principle. Sometimes it’s ego, other times it’s ignorance. But tell the average guy in the gym to add weight and he’s likely to add nothing short of two 25 pound plates.

That’s a minimum 50 pounds added to each repetition. That’s too much – especially if you’re in a rut. Here’s another idea: add two five pound plates. Yes, I realize that sounds tedious, but think about this – even if you added just two half pound plates to your bench press each week, that’s 52 more pounds you’re lifting by the end of the year, if you do it consistently.

Boost Your Volume – Here’s another muscle-building principle to consider: volume = sets times reps times weight lifted. There are many ways you can play with this. Do five sets rather than four of 5 reps pushing 200 pounds on bench, for example, and you’ve just gone from 4000 to 5000 pounds of volume.

That’s one exercise. Now add an extra set to all your exercises and you can imagine what happens. Increase Your Range of Motion – Don’t neglect the role that range of motion plays in bigger muscle development. For example, try doing a ‘deficit deadlift’. This is a deadlift done while standing on a plate a few inches off the ground. Or try Olympic pause squats rather than power squats. The key is to add even an extra inch of movement – something your muscle growth will thank you for later.

Lift Fast, Lower Slow – Lift weights faster to get stronger. Lowering it slower does too – they’re both key to the Weider retro-gravity principle, which is to prolong the negative part of a rep for greater muscular tension. And lifting faster boosts the force you employ while lifting. The result? You get greater muscle growth.

Shorten Your Rest Periods – This is an easy way to boost your intensity. But it’s true – you’ll get more hypertrophy by moving 10,000 pounds in 45 minutes than you would in 60 because you’re working harder. Plus, you’ll get out sooner. The catch, of course, is that it’s a bitch of a workout. But then again, you’ll have more muscle growth to show for it, and you’ll boost your stamina.

Switch Up Your Core Movements – I talked earlier about staying with core exercises. However, you’re free to do basic movements in a different manner. For example, you can do traditional bar squats one week and sumo squats the next. As long as you’re doing core movements, you’re still getting the benefit of hypertrophy via mechanical tension.

Hit the Gym More Often – If you’re serious about bigger muscle growth, it helps to cowboy up and get serious about your frequency. Hit the gym more often and your muscles will show it. You can use the extra workout(s) to focus on something that needs attention or just to double down on, say, your leg days.

TestRX and Muscle Growth

TestRX helps to boost testosterone. This in turn leads to protein synthesis – the building block of muscle – so you’ve got bigger muscle growth for your time in the weight room.

It’s not synthetic testosterone. It’s not steroids either, rather, it’s a natural product made with proven testosterone boosters, including a potent combination called ‘ZMA’.

In a clinical study of NCAA football players, ZMA ‘significantly’ boosted testosterone and HGH after just 7 weeks. Strength increased as well and, just as enjoyable, further studies on the ingredients in TestRX point to increases in virility and sexual performance.


Think about TestRX if you want bigger muscle growth. It can give you better results from the ‘same old’ workout.

But better yet, combine TestRX with the tips I’ve talked about in this article for a major shake up to your workout regimen. You’ll see the results when you take off your shirt. And women will too, if that’s where you’re going.

Smash Your Way to Bigger Muscles!
Smash Your Way to Bigger Muscles!
BOOST TESTOSTERONE NATURALLY Smash Your Way to Bigger Muscles!