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How to Get Bigger Muscle Growth With TestRX

If you want bigger muscle growth, stop chasing fads. Put away that Bosu ball and stop doing those lunges super-setted with dumbbell curls (seriously, WTF is that?)

Your goal is simple: to stimulate bigger muscle growth with progressive overload.

Let’s clarify what that means before we go any further. You already know the basics of this concept, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. Muscle growth happens when you stress your muscles with some form of resistance. Your body responds with hypertrophy – increasing the cells in your muscle tissue, to meet that demand.

TestRX is a natural testosterone booster. It’s designed to stimulate protein synthesis. With the latter being the foundation of muscle growth, it’s a useful tool to have if you feel you’ve hit a plateau.

We’ll talk about how TestRX can help you build bigger muscles later in this article. For now, the important concept to remember is that muscles come from the foundations of progressive overload. That is key to a muscular body.

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